About GEOR

We are Geor, a family company which specializes in the production of kitchen gadgets. We are one of the leading manufacturers of gaslighters, can openers and other kitchen appliances.

We are proud to offer high quality products at competitive prices. Currently established in 35 countries, we are in the process of expanding our reach to new markets.

Since 1982, we have been constantly growing the range of products we offer, diversifying into new articles and new materials. We currently offer more than a hundred different types of products, made of high quality materials ranging from stainless steel, nylon, plastic and wood.

We are pleased to offer our products for re-sale through your company – and we would be happy to discuss your requirements further at your convenience.


GEOR d.o.o.
Elerji 27
6281 Škofije

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    info@geor.net / sales@geor.net
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